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Our Pricing Plan For You

Choosing the right pricing package is a crucial step in your journey with us. Our plans are designed to offer maximum flexibility and value. Whether you're a small business or an established enterprise, we've got you covered. Invest in the package that aligns with your goals and experience the difference we can make in your operations.


Built A Website

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  • Store Setup with a standard template
  • Product listing for up to 50 items
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Integration with one payment gateway (e.g., PayPal, Stripe)
  • Standard security measures
  • Limited customization options
  • Email support
Ideal For:

Small businesses or individuals looking to enter the online market

Simple stores without many products or custom features


Built A Website

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  • Basic +...
  • Semi-custom store design
  • Product listing for up to 200 items
  • Advanced SEO setup
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Basic analytics and reporting
  • Social media integration
  • Enhanced security features like SSL
  • 24/7 Email and chat support
Ideal For:

Medium-sized businesses

Stores requiring a bit of customization and extended features


Built A Website

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  • Basic/Standart +...
  • Fully custom store design
  • Product listing for unlimited items
  • Expert SEO consultation and setup
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways and custom payment options
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Complete social media integration
  • Highest level of security features, including DDoS protection and fraud prevention
  • 24/7 Priority support via email, chat, and phone
  • A dedicated account manager
Ideal For:

Large enterprises or brands

Highly customized stores requiring a lot of unique features and scalability

What We Offer

At SasqNet, we use advanced technology to build platforms that are secure, scalable, and future-ready. Here are our key technologies:

For Business Owners

  • Customizable Storefronts: Improve your brand's online look with customizable, mobile-responsive stores.
  • Inventory Management: Easy dashboard for inventory tracking, orders, and analytics.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: SEO and social media tools to reach customers everywhere.
  • Secure Payment Solutions: Secure payments through trusted gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Round-the-clock support for technical and operational questions.

For Shoppers

  • User-Friendly Interface: A clean, quick UI for smooth shopping.
  • Secure Transactions: Your data is safe thanks to encryption and advanced security.


We use cutting-edge technologies for a platform that's scalable and secure. Here are some technologies we use:

  • Django: Our main backend framework for fast, secure web apps.
  • ReactJS: Our choice for dynamic, interactive frontend design.
  • Shopify: An all-in-one eCommerce solution for market testing.
  • WooCommerce: A flexible eCommerce platform on WordPress.
  • PostgreSQL: Our reliable database management system.
  • AWS: Cloud services for high uptime and scalability.
  • Stripe and PayPal: Trusted payment gateways for secure transactions.

These technologies allow us to meet the needs of businesses and shoppers alike, offering reliability, security, and a great user experience.

Sustainability Focus

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint through eco-friendly practices.

Whether you're a business owner or a shopper, SasqNet has something for everyone. Join us in shaping the future of eCommerce.